Meeting 1 – Residents of 3800 Block of West 19th Ave between Highbury and Wallace – Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN)


Mon, Jan 31, 2022    
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Join us on Monday, 31 January at 7:30pm for an online Map Your Neighbourhood (MYN) event.

Hi my name is John Halldorson. I live with my wife Anne in the house with the two gardens on the Boulevard. Our house has the red brick in the front. Anne and I are the family that has organized the block parties in the past.

I’ll be hosting a 1 hour virtual Map Your Neighbourhood activity on Monday 31 January at 7:30pm and another on Monday 7 February at the same time. This is a meeting for those of us on our street to get to know each other better and do some planning in the event of an emergency like a major earthquake.

I’m a volunteer, and this is free. All you need is a device to be able to join us online. We will use Zoom for our meeting and you’ll receive everything you need in advance.

Please click here to register for the 2 events.

We do need you to register in advance, I hope you can join us!